3.8 Million votes cast in 20,167 elections


Standard <1000 voters Professional >1000 voters
Number of voters Up to 20
Up to 350
Up to 1000
Anonymous, secure voting
Multi-language support
Multiple ballot types
Multiple voting methods
Random ordering of candidates
Candidate bios and photos
Write-ins and abstentions
Customizable notices Advanced
Weighted voting
Edit buttons and confirmation
Reminders Single Multiple
Printed ballots
Email voting
SMS (cellphone) voting $29 option
Voting groups
Extra authentication
On-site voting Advanced
Mailed notices Pro feature
Mailed ballots Pro feature
Multiple administrators Pro feature
Multiple organizations Pro feature
Support Knowledge base Email Email
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K-12 schools get unlimited basic elections (no SMS or snail mail) for $79/year.

Our staff can visit you on-site to help you setup and run your election, contact us for pricing.

If you have more than 10 elections running on dates throughout the year, contact us for pricing.